About the District

Our Mission

The mission of the Kimble County Groundwater Conservation District is to develop, promote, and implement water conservation and water management strategies to conserve, preserve, and protect the groundwater supplies of the District, to protect and enhance recharge, prevent waste and pollution, and to effect efficient use of groundwater. The District seeks to protect the owners of water rights within the District from impairment of their groundwater quality and quantity, pursuant to the powers and duties granted under Chapter 36, Subchapter D of the Texas Water Code.

Our History

The enabling legislation creating the District, Senate Bill 2, was passed during the 77th Regular Legislative Session (2001). The confirmation election was held on May 4, 2002 with the majority of the votes cast in favor of confirming the creation of the District. On the same ballot the proposition authorizing the District to levy taxes and setting the maximum tax rate at twenty cents ($.20) per $100 ad valorem value was passed.

Our Board & Staff

The District is governed by a five-member locally elected Board of Directors. The directors serve staggered four-year terms, elected in May of even numbered years. With elections of directors taking place every two years, the District is very responsive to voters’ approval or disapproval of the local management of their groundwater and/or the services provided by the District.

Reginald Stapper – President
Marvin Wilson – Vice President
Jim Portz – Secretary/ Treasurer
Clint Smith Jr. – Director
Mike Carter – Director

Meredith Allen – District Manager

District’s Management Plan:

District’s Recent Financial Audit: